The ability to focus attention on important things is a defining characteristic of intelligence.

— Robert J. Shiller

For us, business intelligence is not just a buzz word that refers to analytics and reporting solutions. It is the promotion of a culture of measurement and evidence-based management within your organisation.

Many tools exist to extract, harmonise and aggregate information into reports and flexible analysis tools. The real challenge lies with taking the huge amount of information available, and focusing in on the numbers that really matter.

Our Approach

Before evaluating business intelligence solutions, it is very important that business requirements are reviewed, and a rigorous cost-benefit analysis is conducted.

Increased access to analytics and reporting can yield enormous benefits, but it is critical to drive the effort from a strong business case and well-defined set of high-level metrics.

Once key metrics and reporting requirements have been defined, we will be well equipped to help you to start evaluating solutions. There are a myriad of business intelligence products available that ease the process of extracting and aggregating data from your source systems, and creating reports. Our advice is vendor-independent, and driven by how closely any given solution fits your business requirements.

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