Targeted application of technology solutions to key parts of your business processes can improve productivity, quality and consistency. We have the knowledge and expertise to source the appropriate technology solutions for your business, and integrate these solutions with your existing systems and business processes.


  • Order management, finance and billing systems.
  • Sales force automation and customer relationship management (CRM) systems.
  • Electronic forms, with on-line processing and approval workflow.
  • Document management solutions, for the digital storage, archival and retrieval of business documents.
  • Campaign management and e-mail marketing solutions.
  • Social media marketing dashboards and automation.
  • Custom data harmonisation and synchronisation between existing systems.
  • Automated software deployment, integration and monitoring solutions for your in-house development team.
  • Bespoke web-based application development, for closely supporting your unique process needs.


We pay attention to the interfaces – the points at which your systems interface with your staff, and with other systems. Making sure these touch points are well defined is critical to putting together an end-to-end process that provides consistent results.

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